Photoshop 1: Introduction and basic editing

This beginner class will provide an introduction to Photoshop and will cover an overall understanding of the program and basic editing techniques. This course is perfect for those with limited or no experience with Photoshop.

This class is approximately 6-hours with each 2-hour segment broken into smaller intervals. At the end of each interval, a Q & A is provided along with individual one-on-one interaction. Each student is provided a USB drive with all of the sample files and assets used for demonstration. This allows each student to explore editing functions and tasks in real-time with the instructor.

Classes are taught using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, however most functions and techniques are downward compatible for earlier versions. Students are encouraged to bring a laptop running the most current version possible.


Segment A

Getting Started

  • Understanding file sizes, resolution and pixels
  • Differences in megapixels and DSLR camera sensors
  • Differences in color space
  • Setting up or customizing the workspace
  • Setting or customizing application preferences
  • Tools and palettes
  • Canvas size vs. image size
  • Screen modes, rulers and guides
  • Importing and placing external files

Segment B

Working With Files

  • Understanding and working with layers
  • Working with layer masks
  • Using blending modes
  • Understanding non-destructive editing
  • Applying and editing adjustment layers
  • Basic color correction
  • Setting white/gray balance
  • Adjusting levels
  • Working with channels
  • Introduction to working with text
  • Creating and working with paths

Segment C

Optimizing and Saving Files

  • Resizing images
  • Styling with filters
  • Changing or editing selective color
  • Black & white conversion
  • Global and selective sharpening
  • Understanding and selecting file formats
  • Understanding compression
  • File structure and workflow