Photoshop classes for beginners and advanced users

Fluency Photo offers classes in Photoshop for both beginners and advanced users. Curtis has more than 25 years experience as a creative director and photographer and has been using Photoshop since the program was introduced. These classes are highly immersive and provide in-person training in small classroom settings. Each topic is covered in segments at a pace that ensures each student fully understands the process. At the end of each segment students are allowed to ask questions and receive personal one-on-one attention. Class size is intentionally limited to allow personal attention for each student.

All classes are approximately 6-hours, delivered in 3-segments with smaller intervals per segment. Classes are offered on weekends with lunch and refreshments provided.


Photoshop 1: Introduction and basic editing

This class will provide an introduction to Photoshop and teaches fundamentals of the program and basic editing techniques. Students will learn about the workspace, tools, palettes, color correction, and working with layers. Additionally color space and resolution are explained as well as differences in output formats. This class is designed for beginners or those who have no working knowledge of Photoshop.


Photoshop 2: Advanced editing techniques

For advanced Photoshop users, this class will focus on professional retouching techniques such as portrait and skin enhancing, image manipulation with filters and blending modes, importing and editing with photo RAW as well as creating realistic image composites. This class is designed for the intermediate or advanced user looking to broaden their skills or learn alternate techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your classes only one day?

These courses are designed so the students are able to retain as much knowledge as possible. Other courses that take place over several hours and days often present too much information for people to retain, and thereby aren't a good value if most of what is learned is quickly forgotten.

How do I know which course is best for my level?

If you have a basic knowledge of the program and have experimented with tools, palettes or other editing, the advanced class might be better for you. However, if you have no experience working with Photoshop and are completely unfamiliar with the program, the Introduction class is recommended. Please read the detailed topics covered under the course detail to determine which option works best for your skills.

Are these classes taught with a live instructor?

YES! Having a teaching experience with an in-person instructor is a significantly better experience than being taught by someone "remotely" or on-line. All classes take place in my studio and each student receives plenty of one-on-one training.